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Intruder Alarm Maintenance Services

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Prices from £90 per year

The features below are included in the maintenance services provided by Access Integrated Systems for Intruder Alarm Systems. If you would like to use our maintenance service or transfer your existing maintenance contract to us you can do so by using the contact form below.

    • Check the Burglar Alarm system, location and setting of all equipment and devices against specification
    • Check the satisfactory operation of all detection devices including deliberately operated devices
    • Inspect all flexible connections
    • Check mains and standby power supplies including charging rates
    • Check control unit
    • Check remote signalling equipment
    • Test remote signalling equipment to monitoring station
    • Check all audible warning devices for correct operation
    • Check the system is fully operational
    • Inform end user of any faults there may be
    • Repair any minor faults
    • Make adjustment where necessary

    Different maintenance services for Intruder Alarm

      • Option 1 – includes maintenance visits and consumables – callouts and parts are chargeable
      • Option 2 – includes maintenance visits, consumables and callouts - parts are chargeable
      • Option3 – includes maintenance visits, consumables, callouts and parts

        Note: the above does not cover customer errors, break-ins, vandalism damage, damage caused by flood, fire or act of God.


If you would like Access Integrated to maintain your Intruder Alarm system, please dont hesitate to contact us below!



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